Thursday, January 17

Why Didn't I Buy You?

I really wish I had

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Have you ever had regret when you decided NOT to buy something?

If so, then you totally understand what I'm going through. Over the weekend I visited some of my favorite antique shops. Of course I spotted a few things I would have loved to bring home with me but some how found self control and said no. Which almost never happens! Well one item in particular has been haunting my dreams since I walked away: a vintage wire basket with a gym locker vibe. It doesn't seem like much and it's hard to explain but let me tell you, it was gorgeous! And with my room having zero storage [and a tiny closet] I'm always on the hunt for unique pieces that will give my room a little eye candy as well as the storage I desperately need. So then why did I pass this treasure up?
I have NO idea!  A moment of insanity possibly ...

But you better believe I'll be stopping by this weekend to see if it's still there!


  1. Oh, the things I have left behind and agonized over later...I hate that feeling :( I will keep my fingers crossed for you that it is still there! XO Brynn

  2. Go get 'em girl! :) I hate that! Happy weekend and happy hunting!