Wednesday, January 9

I'm Learning

How To Use My Canon T3i

 Last week I mentioned here that I had gotten myself a new camera as a "happy birthday to me" gift.
It is a purchase I had been wanting to make for quite some time but just never allowed myself to go for it.
After doing a little research and asking a few other bloggers what camera they use+love I finally made my decision:
Besides being a total amateur and having lots to still figure out, I'm in love. Best. Purchase. EVER.
Post college I decided to deactivate my Facebook account [say what?!] which is the main reason I started Eclectic Snapshots.
It was a way for friends and family to see what was going on in my life.
Overtime there has been fewer and fewer posts of 'my life' and I've decided that with a new year it's time to get back to the basics.

So here is what I hope to be the first of many posts that will give you a peek into my life. A Girl Behind the Blog post, if you will.
To get started I wanted to share a few of my favorite moments captured over the holidays:

Friends Christmas Party
this year's theme: Snow Pants or No Pants

Jason & Megan, Christmas Vacation anyone?

Ian, said he was going for the "distinguished gentleman" look

Brandon & Eric [+ Brandon's mohawk, a total surprise to the evening]

Jeff & Puck, the best of friends

 Favorite Holiday Moments
family Christmas details

the centerpiece I made for at my house

mom+dad's house: mom's childhood sled, a Flexible Flyer

Norman Rockwell, a Christmas staple

making Christmas cookies with Grandma, 90 years young!
**taken by my mom**

the Santa's hat that my oldest brother Cory wear's every year

a few of the presents I wrapped

I've signed up for a three hour class a friend referred me to which will hopefully teach me a thing or two.
Until then you'll have to overlook any photos that make you say 'what was she doing?!' or 'oh, my, that's just terrible!'.

And if any of you with a dslr camera know of any great tips, classes, or books I'd love any and all advise!

Until tomorrow!


  1. oh yes..a class is key...that is exactly what I did last year after getting my Nikon for was so helpful. great pics!

  2. How fun - you're already taking great pictures and will only improve with the class :)