Thursday, January 10

Industrial By Martha

Wait, what? Really...

Side Tables

I don't know when it happened but at some point I developed a strong love for anything industrial. 
Which prompted me to build this [with help from my best friend who happens to be an engineer] this past fall.
 Using two sources of inspiration [ one || two ] we ventured to Home Depot and made it happen. 
I am obsessed with how it turned out and love the fact that you can adjust the lay out by adding or removing a pipe or two. 
That and it's pretty awesome to have a few of my favorite pieces on display!
Ever since tackling that DIY I've been on the hunt for more that will allow me to add a few other industrial pieces to my bedroom.
I'm loving these three pieces I found on Martha Stewart and the side tables would make the perfect bedside tables.

Here's a few things I discovered while building my clothing rack that you might find useful:
1. piping can be expensive - I honestly had no idea - a little research + planning can be very helpful
2. copper piping will especially do damage to your bank account 
3. if you need to cut your pipe instead of getting a pipe cutter ask an employee!
[when making my rack we cut down a 10 ft piece to 3 equal sized smaller pieces]
4. piping can be 'greasy' make sure to grab a bottle of degreaser to wipe down the fixture before using
[I used this, which can also be used to remove grease stains from clothing!]

I'd love to get your thoughts!
Are you a fan of the industrial look or is it one you could do with out?


  1. just found ur blog - and OMG i LOVE ur clothing rack u made!!!! - u should build and sell em' girl!

  2. I'm very impressed that you built that clothes rack!! Its awesome!! Love all your industrial furniture iamges

  3. Wow!!! This is awesome. I really love everything u made. Innovative.

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  4. You built that pipe rack??!! I am so impressed! I love industrial - it is the perfect modern look that can still feel cozy somehow! XO brynn