Friday, August 3

Gabby Goes Gold + The Weekend!


So did you all watch Gabby Douglas take home the gold last night [SO exciting!]?
I sadly did not as I was playing chauffeur for friends+family going to the Jimmy Buffet concert.
Lucky for me my roommates and I are Olympic obsessed so we had the smarts to make sure it was recorded.
And even though the internet had spoiled the surprise earlier in the day I still can't wait to watch every second!
Which I plan on doing this weekend along with quite a few projects that have built up.
Enjoy your Friday + Weekend!


  1. I didn't see it either - but she is adorable!! So happy that she and Team USA have done so well!

  2. She is so so adorable! So happy for her!

  3. Love her! She's such a sweetheart and has an amazing attitude.

  4. I'm so bad...I don't watch very much of the Olympics. I just feel like I always see the same sports over and over. I want to see everything else too NBC! haha