Thursday, August 16

Joyful Food

One thing I love is discovering new blogs. Even more than that, new food blogs. Don't get me wrong I love fashion, interior and lifestyle blogs, but there is something about a good food blog. Maybe it's because I secretly [well, not a secret anymore] would love to quit my job and start fresh at culinary school. Or maybe it's because I love how food can be so pretty you don't want to even eat it. Or that it brings people together in a way few things can.

 So when I discovered Joy Wilson's blog, Joy the Baker, I was in love at first site.  And for those of you who already knew of Joy, well ignore the fact that sometimes I live under a rock boulder. Not only does she share delicious recipes, savory and sweet, but she fills you in on all the basics as well. And let's face it, sometimes you just need help when baking a pie crust, because I usually, ok ok, always cheat and buy the store bought crust.
But the one thing that really stuck out was how genuine and real Joy is, which really comes out in 'about me':

"I’m a self taught/ family taught/ taste buds taught baker.
I grew up in the kitchen in between my father, who makes a mean Sweet Potato Pie, and my mother, who makes a really weird purple hot dog casserole… don’t ask.  Between my kitchen loving parents, the clinking cake pans, and the flying flour, it became clear that baking is in my blood."

I love that she is a self taught baker and knew from a young age that baking was a family thing.
So I recommend you jump on over to her blog for some tasty recipes!
There are quite a few I'll definitely be trying out and one thing is for sure, I'll be purchasing a copy of her book!


  1. These look amazing! Especially that cookie cake at the top! YUM

  2. I love Joy's blog! She has such delicious and easy recipes.

  3. These pics are all amazing and now I am officially hungry :)

  4. One of the most impressive things about food blogs is the photography. Everytime I make something awesome and want to share it, it looks awful in the photos!

  5. oh my word my mouth is salivating now that first cookie skillet with the ice cream i want that in my belly now!

  6. If you haven't already, check out annie's eats!