Friday, August 24

Road Trip: The Look

When I think of summer I think of road trips. I usually have one or two planned each year but my favorite kind has to be the unplanned, just get up and go type. I usually end up driving [even with a car full of guys!] so it's a must that I'm rockin' something comfortable + versatile which is why I always have a cardigan in tow.

To see this look and others pop on over to Long Distance Loving.
And who knows, you might even be inspired to hop in the car and go!

[images 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]


  1. Your road trip looks like some serious fun~I want to ride with you! Perfect outfit. I am your newest follower~hope you will stop over for a visit!

  2. Love this road trip outfit!! The picture of the bug makes me want to first get one of those and two be right there looking at the beautiful surroundings in that cozy sweater you picked out. :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  3. Comfy is a must! That sweater is perfect!

  4. GREAT snapshots, they are the exact scenes of how I want a road trip to look like! I am also crushing on your sweater, the colors are fabulous and I love the design. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Twirling Clare

  5. Yeah, love this's perfect!
    Hey I'm your newest follower now, and I hope you will follow me back, it would be great to keep in touch!

  6. That sweater looks soooo comfy! Perfect for fall!