Thursday, August 9

Help Me Decide!

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I'm in desperate need of your advice. I mentioned yesterday that I have been searching Pinterest to gather ideas+inspiration for the curtains in my bedroom. Well I have the curtains, I decided on gray and white panels. But the big question, the one I go back and forth on, is do I hang the curtains directly on the rods or do I use rings? When I think I've made a decision I second guess myself. These are in my bedroom, so there isn't a need to be super fancy. And honestly my bedroom has started to take on a very eclectic vibe which I'm obsessed with [I'll get pictures up once it's complete]. But with that being said it almost confuses me more. Does one option lend itself more to funky+eclectic? Or should I mix in a few formal elements to create balance?

 I would love any and all thoughts, suggestions, and advise etc. So this is where I need you! What should I do?

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